myFND is a secure and
friendly app that has been
designed to help you with
your symptoms of FND.

What is FND?

FND, or Functional Neurological Disorder, is a condition in which sufferers cannot access or control their body in the usual way.

At myFND, we want to help anyone with FND understand their symptoms, learn about how they change over time and what they can do to manage them.

The App Can Help You...

your symptoms

Keep track of how they
change over time

Learn techniques
to manage them

The key to success with this app is to use it regularly.

Over time, we hope you’ll find you can reduce your symptoms and have a positive impact on your quality of life.

Key to success

myFND Features

myFND Login Screen

Secure login

Your details and symptoms are all securely protected within the app.

St George's Hospital Charity myFND

About FND

View the vast library. This has been created to provide you with trusted, accurate advice and information about Functional Neurological Disorder. You can also access case study animations about people's experiences of FND.

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myFND About Screen
myFND my Strategies Screen

My Strategies

Access self-management techniques that can help you alleviate the severity or frequency of some FND symptoms and work in a variety of ways, using grounding and relaxation techniques.

My check-in

It takes a couple of seconds to log a snapshot of how you are in My check-in.

Using this CBT approach, it’s likely you’ll learn something useful about the patterns of your symptoms over time.

myFND my Check in Screen
myFND my Story

My Story

The charts and information in this section have been created from your ‘check-in section’ responses.

Here, you'll see how your symptoms have changed over time. This will help you to identify factors that make them better or worse or to spot any cycles.

My Support

Here you will find further information and signposting to organisations you may find helpful.

myFND my Support


This App is not for profit. Our aim is to keep this App free for our users.

In order to do so we would welcome any donations. All proceeds help to continue the development of the App and keep it free for users.

Created by clinicians specialising in the treatment of functional symptoms as well as charity groups.

Dr Chris Symeon
Professor Mark Edwards
Dr Glenn Nielsen
Dr Mike Dilley
Dr Rachel Dean
The Wolfson Neurorehabilitation Team

With thanks to:
Dawn Golder, Executive Director FND Hope UK

St George's Hospital Charity myFND
St George's University Hospitals